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Enhancing Vocabulary Becomes More Easy and Fun

An individual’s proficiency of using the apt word, for an effective communication, is determined by their vocabulary knowledge. It not only helps in understanding others’ viewpoints but also in expressing your own ideas. Be it listening, speaking, reading, or writing—vocabulary holds a great deal of significance in every language skill. In an interview, Vocab Tunes’ […]

Top 3 Tips: Selecting The Perfect Dancing Style

Dance is always an exciting activity to keep your kids busy in learning new things, hence, giving their self-esteem a great boost. So, if you have a budding ballerina or dancing dynamo in your house, let their talent break the rigid boundaries and explore new possibilities of creative learning. While there are numerous dance forms […]

5 Requisites To Help You Gear Up For A Dance Contest

When preparing for a dance contest, you require an early preparation to make your performance top-notch. Being organized before a competition, therefore, is a way to help you focus on performing at your highest level. Getting done with the checklist ahead of time ensures your hours of dance practice shine through. Here are the five […]