Who all can participate in the contest?

  • Only the school students are eligible to participate in the competition. The contest is open to kids between 5 and 14 years of age (preschool to 8th grade).

How much is the entry fees?

  • The contest entry is completely free.

Can a participant upload more than one video clip in the contest?

  • Yes, same person/group can upload more than one video clip. However, each entry must be for a different song out of the 21 songs provided on the Vocab Tunes download page.

Can a participant choose any other song of their choice?

  • No, submission (or uploading) of a dance video clip must be on one of the 21 songs provided on the download page.

When will the submission process of the next biweekly dance contest begin?

  • Submission process for the next biweekly dance contest will begin after the winner of the previous contest is announced.

What would happen to the submissions?

  • The submissions become properties of Vocab Tunes. Through submissions, contestants and their legal guardians or parents grant non-exclusive reproduction and publication rights to Vocab Tunes LLC for the works submitted. Remember, these works won’t be returned.

Why it is necessary for participants to get their waiver signed by parent/legal guardian?

  • It is essential for all participants to get the waiver signed by their parents or legal guardians stating that Vocab Tunes may use these video clips with their child(ren)’s image. The child(ren)’s names won’t be disclosed in the video clips or written material (you can find the waiver on the registration form).

Is the prize amount taxable?

  • • Yes, it is. Winners have to fulfill all applicable tax-reporting requirements.

How will the winners be contacted?

  • Winners will be contacted via e-mail. They must respond to the prize notification within 72 hours. They must sign an acceptance form. Vocab Tunes will not be responsible for winning notifications being filtered by winners’ e-mail settings. (It is recommended that you white list Vocab Tunes in your e-mail settings).

* The 21 songs on the download page are from the Vocab Tunes grades 6 to 8 workbook.

** Vocab Tunes LLC reserves the right to amend the terms of this contest. We will not lessen the prize money awarded. However, we reserve the right to extend the competition and/or include additional prizes.

*** Vocab Tunes LLC reserves the right not to award a winner if no entry merits such recognition.