A ‘tin’ full of childhood memories: Grab ‘hold’ of English Vocabulary

Maintain silence in class is what your teacher tells you in school. Do you really follow the instruction and keep quiet or continue the conversation with your pals? We know it is not easy to keep mum and listen to the boring classroom lectures thoroughly. Often you need entertainment to charge up your mind. A ‘tin’ full of childhood memories Grab ‘hold’ of English Vocabulary

Do you know that the words maintain, continue, and entertainment have been derived from the same Latin roots ‘Tin’ and ‘Tain’, which mean ‘to hold’? ‘Maintain’ means ‘to hold’ in good condition, while ‘continue’ is an action ‘held’ together without a break. ‘Entertainment’ is an action ‘to hold’ back people’s interest. Read more

Improve Your Vocab Graph with root words ‘Graph’ and ‘Gram’

Importance of learning English grammar is something that you cannot ignore if you want to gain expertise in the language. While reading out a paragraph from the text book, your teachers must have asked you to write down the difficult words and search for the meaning latter.

You surely obey your teachers and follow what they said. However, while writing down all the new words and meanings, have you ever thought of paying attention to the origin of the words such as, grammar and paragraph?Improve Your Vocab Graph with root words ‘Graph’ and ‘Gram’

Like numerous other words in English both the words grammar and paragraph have been coined from the ancient Greek vocabulary. Greek words ‘Graphein’, and ‘Gramma’, which mean ‘to write or something written’, are the origin of the words graph and gram. The science that teaches principles of language is referred to as grammar and a distinct section of a piece of writing is called paragraph. Let’s begin this ‘written’ discourse now. Read more

‘Simple’ Way to Deal with a ‘Complex’ Problem

Hey kids, how many of you are movie buffs and visit multiplex theatres frequently to watch your favorite star? We know almost you love spending weekends watching movies and discussing the complicated plot with friends latter.

However amid all of your discussions and debates, have you ever paid attention to the words, ‘multiplex’, or ‘complicated or tried knowing their origin?Simple Way to Deal with a Complex Problem

You will be amazed to know that both the words have come from Latin vocabulary. The word ‘plex’, which means ‘weave’ has originally been coined from the Latin wordplus’, and has formed the word multiplex. A multiplex is where separate move screens are housed under one roof or rather ‘woven’ together to create one theatre. Read more

‘Move’ Along with Root ‘Mov’

Authors use their knowledge of root words, prefixes, suffixes, and ancient languages to create meaningful fictitious words. An understanding of word parts is important to decipher the exact meaning of those words.

Remember the ‘Locomotor!’ spell from the Harry Potter series, one of the world’s most popular series of fantasy novels. Do you know why was the curse named so?‘Move’ Along with Root ‘Mov’

The word is formed by using two Latin roots: loco (to place) and mot (to move). Therefore, the charm enabled a witch or wizard to lift the target a few inches off the ground, move it in any given direction, and place it.

Today, we will discuss about root word ‘mot’ and its spelling variant ‘mov’.

We all love to move, and to move fast. Automotives, or Motor vehicles, were built with such “movement” that allow their drivers to “move” wherever there is a road. A motel is roadside hotel designed primarily for motorists. Read more

ProDUCE a ‘Duke’ or ‘Duchess’ of Word Roots

Convincing a child to learn root words is not a cup of tea. As parents, you have to look for fun and interesting ideas to encourage them to learn. To help you overcome this challenge, Vocab Tunes — an online learning platform — has come up with a unique vocabulary-building program. This differential learning program will help you educate your little ones through music and dance.

You can also witness a tremendous growth in your tots’ English vocabulary by making them listen to its 21 root-based songs.ProDUCE a ‘Duke’ or ‘Duchess’ of Word Roots

One of its songs ‘Show The Way’ is perfect to introduce the budding brains to Latin rootsDuce’, ‘Duc’, and ‘Duct’. The song can help them become more productive in discovering the meanings of words formed with these roots.

Highly useful in the English language, these roots mean ‘to lead’. Knowing the meaning of roots will surely help children to develop their tenacity to find out creative words related to it. Read more