Study English Vocabulary with ‘Text plus Music Program’

English, the lingua franca of business, travel, and international relations, is dominating the world stage—as either the first language of preference or the second. Therefore, it makes sense that you put in some effort into your kids’ academics and help them build extensive English vocabulary. This will not only make them confident individuals but will also open up numerous opportunities for them in the future.

When it comes to vocabulary skills, starting with root word is the most basic—and important—of all the methods. To add to this, innovative and specifically designed approaches toward learning root words such as ‘Vocab Tunes Root Words 3-5 CD’ significantly aid in enriching your kids vocabulary. VocabTunes Root Words 3-5 CD Program

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Tips for Parents: Preparing Tots for a Dance Contest

Have you ever sought for innovative ways you can help your child focus more on studies rather than letting him do the tedious job endlessly leaving him intimidated? Of course, as parents, you do not want your child to feel this way. With creative approaches, you can teach your little ones in a more fun and peppy way.

Blending dance into learning is indeed a smart idea that can greatly help children grasp different dimensions of studies. Your kids participating in an educational competition such as Vocab Tunes dance contest can surely encourage them untap their hidden potential.Tips for Parents: Preparing Tots for a Dance Contest

When preparing for a dance contest, you might need an advanced planning to help your kids do better in the competition. Here are some invaluable tips to get your kids ready for the challenges of a dance contest:

Song Selection:

Be careful while choosing a song as selecting an apt song plays a crucial role in uplifting the performance.
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Enhancing Vocabulary Becomes More Easy and Fun

An individual’s proficiency of using the apt word, for an effective communication, is determined by their vocabulary knowledge. It not only helps in understanding others’ viewpoints but also in expressing your own ideas. Be it listening, speaking, reading, or writing—vocabulary holds a great deal of significance in every language skill.

In an interview, Vocab Tunes’ author Manisha Shelley Kaura referred to a recent US Education Department report that showed a continuous erosion in vocabulary skills across the nation.Ways to Make Your Child Fall in Love with Reading

She further added that her ten years of research on the cause of the failure of early literacy in America revealed that the lack of root word knowledge in K—8 school students is the “missing link”.
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Top 3 Tips: Selecting The Perfect Dancing Style

Dance is always an exciting activity to keep your kids busy in learning new things, hence, giving their self-esteem a great boost. So, if you have a budding ballerina or dancing dynamo in your house, let their talent break the rigid boundaries and explore new possibilities of creative learning.

While there are numerous dance forms a dancer can choose from, including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop, it is often difficult for parents to pick any particular dance style that suits their kids’ feet. Here are some important tips that you can follow while choosing the correct dance form:dance style
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Ways to Make Your Child Fall in Love with Reading

Some kids are big-time book lovers, and some simply hate reading. At times, it takes a lot of effort to make those reluctant readers get mesmerized by the magical world of books. However, by following some easy steps, you can encourage your little ones to read.

Make Your Child Fall in Love with Reading

Here are some ways to get your child excited about reading:
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