Understanding Vocabulary is More Important Than Ever

Statistics show that the children who get an early understanding of the English vocabulary excel at life more than those who don’t. Learning how to communicate affectively in writing and speech will make a difference in all aspects of your life and the life of your children. Our vocabulary program is based in science and tests show that it is an extremely affective way to learn reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills.  We are on a mission to help every child excel in life by understanding the English language.

How To Get Your Kids Ready To Hit The Floor Of A Dance Contest

We all love to see the smile on our kids’ faces. And winning a Dance Contest certainly makes our little ones more than happy. However, they need the right guidance and support of their parents/teachers also to prepare for the dance contest.

Dance Contest: Get Kids Ready To Hit The Floor

To get our kids ready for a competition is not as easy as it sounds to be. You need an advanced planning and preparation to ensure that you and the kids stay stress free and enjoy every moment of dancing. Here are a few tips to help you get your kids ready for the Vocab Tunes dance contest:
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Key to Win a Dance Contest: Choose the Right Style to Charm Your Audience

Dancing is always fun, and what can be more exciting if you can dance, enjoy, and win prizes for your performance — all at the same time? The mantra to win is always simple — to receive more and more accolades from the audience, charm them, and outshine others. For this, all you need is the perfect dance style to keep the audience engaged and moving along with you.

A simple tip: choose the dance style that goes in tune with your look and the mood. Well, you also need to choose the dance style that perfectly matches with the Vocab Tunes songs you choose.

Key to Win a Dance Contest

Here are some of the most popular dance styles, which you can consider while choosing the most suitable style for your performance:

Jazz: This less formal style is one of the favorites of children because of the variety of fun, upbeat music, and flexibility in the Jazz movements.
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How Did The Word Helicopter Become a Word?

To understand how the word helicopter became a word, we have to go all the way back to 1863 when a French man named Gustave wrote a short book about his new flying invention. It was a steam powered flying machine. He thought his machine was going to fly striate up into the sky without needing a big field or a large place like an airport to take off.

Helicopter the meaning

Helicopter wings rotate in a spiral when flying.

Make Two Words Into One

Because there wasn’t a word for his new flying machine he needed to use two words that had the right meaning. The two words needed to make sense and explain to everyone what his invention was. He called it a Helicopter.

Lets break it down.

helico – means spiral

pter – means wing

Gustave’s helicopter had the wings on top and they rotated in a circular or spiral fashion. Sorry to say that his new invention never did fly. But, his new word is still being used today.

Where did the words come from?

Bothe of the words come from the Greek vocabulary. Gustave put two Greek words together to make the word we use in our English vocabulary today.

We use a lot of words in the English vocabulary that come from other languages. You can learn more about it here.

How Did The Word Triscuit Get It’s Meaning?

the meaning of the word triscuit and biscuit

Parts Of Words Are Fun To Learn

Triscuit is made from 2 words

We don’t know all of the ingredients of a triscuit, but can tell you what the two small words mean that make up the entire word triscuit.

There are two word parts in the word triscuit, just like the word biscuit.  Lets break the word down.

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Words Parts and Automobiles

the word parts of the word automobile

Word parts and Words

Words are the sum of their parts

Is every automobile a car? No, but every car is an automobile. Wait a minuet. How is that true? If we look at the meaning of the words that make up the word automobile, we can figure it out.

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