How To Get Your Kids Ready To Hit The Floor Of A Dance Contest

We all love to see the smile on our kids’ faces. And winning a Dance Contest certainly makes our little ones more than happy. However, they need the right guidance and support of their parents/teachers also to prepare for the dance contest.

Dance Contest: Get Kids Ready To Hit The Floor

To get our kids ready for a competition is not as easy as it sounds to be. You need an advanced planning and preparation to ensure that you and the kids stay stress free and enjoy every moment of dancing. Here are a few tips to help you get your kids ready for the Vocab Tunes dance contest:

• Ensure that you have filled the Registration Form properly and have downloaded the right song.

• Try to have three or more than three children in a group. This will reduce the pressure on kids and the performance will be engaging too.

• Choose the dance form according to your child’s ability. You should not make them do something that is beyond their physical and mental limits as this will build up unnecessary pressure on them.

• Make sure to familiarize the kids with the music as soon as possible.

• Once the dance form is decided, organize a choreographer or dance teacher and plan enough time and sessions.

• Plan and discuss about the dance costumes well in time. Make sure to have the correct dance shoes and accessories for your kid.

• Help your students perfect any tricky hair or makeup styles.

Winning feels great, but you also need to make your kids prepare to stay strong if they do not make it to the top. Make sure that you explain to them that a competition is not just about winning but is also about learning and having fun.

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