Enhance Your Kids’ Vocabulary With 3 to 5th Grade Workbook w/CD

One of the prime concerns of every parent lies in inculcating an adequate learning ability in their little ones. To help you deal with this challenge of building your kids’ word bank, Vocab Tunes, an online learning platform, has come up with an exclusive product for 3-5 grade kids. It consists of a workbook of 10 chapters with corresponding music CDs and a DVD containing 21 fun music videos to make your children fall in love with learning thousands of English words.3-5 Grade Kids Vocabulary Building Workbook w/CD

For every chapter, the workbook comprises a chapter introduction that defines the root word or words to be discussed in the corresponding chapter. With an example or two, it provides an insight on the usage of that root for creating different words. Next, are the lyrics for the song containing Latin roots with prefixes/suffixes to help your child discover new words. The next two pages consist of two different quizzes. One is on word definitions, and the other is on word parts.

The primary purpose of this workbook lies within the fact that nowadays academic contents, especially in the natural sciences and social sciences, are loaded with Greek and Latin word parts. Knowing even one word part of an unknown word can develop young minds’ tenacity to use surrounding context clues accurately in figuring out the meanings of those words.

Research proves that budding minds are good at understanding patterns. For example, the Latin root ‘mot’ meaning ‘move’, gives birth to many English words such as motorcar (car that ‘moves’), motorist (one who ‘moves’ car), and motion (the condition of ‘moving’), all of which can be seen as a pattern and stored under the root ‘mot’. By understanding the roots that words are made from, your child will have the ability to understand over 60% of English, up to 90% of science terminology and 71% of social studies terminology.

So, what to wait for, grab a copy of this unique 3 to 5th Grade Workbook w/CD to enhance your young ones’ English Vocabulary exponentially and effortlessly.

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