Learning Root Words — Key to Enhancing Your Kids’ Vocabulary

Dictionary’, ‘tractor ‘and ‘captain’ — can you trace the origin of these three words? To your surprise, all these three words have come from the Latin language. While Latin root ‘DICT’ and its variant ‘DIC’, which means ‘say’ or ‘declare’ makes the word ‘DICtionary’, root word ‘CAP’ meaning take and receive forms the word ‘CAPtain’. Latin root trahere or ‘TRACT’, which means ‘pull’ or ‘drag’, makes the word ‘tractor’.Learning Root Words — Key to Enhancing Your Kids’ Vocabulary

Many of you would be unaware of the fact that over 60 percent of the words in the English language have been borrowed from the Greek and Latin language. If we study the root words thoroughly, we will discover that most of the commonly used medical and scientific terms (up to 90 percent) and social studies words (71 percent) have actually been derived from Latin and Greek roots. Therefore, it is important for kids to have a deep understanding of the root words in order to enrich their vocabulary and to excel in the English language.

Studying root words at an early age helps young minds to decipher the meanings of numerous words thereby expanding their word stock and make them recognize the language pattern too. To make kids fall in love with learning new words and enhancing their language skills, Vocab Tunes has come up with a unique learning program for students from K-2 grades. This exceptional program consists of a workbook and music CD comprising 21 exclusive songs appropriate for the students of this age group. Also, there is a DVD with 21 fun music videos.

This educational program promises children a logical understanding of one hundred thousand words in 21 days. The workbook contains strategically segregated chapters for self-learning in a step-by-step process. The music tracks based on root words, prefixes, and suffixes help children to improve their knowledge of the English language in an interesting and fun-filled ways. Moreover, the program is designed in a way that it easily allows your little ones to pace up or down the learning depending on their needs.

The Vocab Tunes K to 2nd Grade Workbook w/CD is an organized approach to improve children’s vocabulary and can be used to help kids master the English language.

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