Study English Vocabulary with ‘Text plus Music Program’

English, the lingua franca of business, travel, and international relations, is dominating the world stage—as either the first language of preference or the second. Therefore, it makes sense that you put in some effort into your kids’ academics and help them build extensive English vocabulary. This will not only make them confident individuals but will also open up numerous opportunities for them in the future.

When it comes to vocabulary skills, starting with root word is the most basic—and important—of all the methods. To add to this, innovative and specifically designed approaches toward learning root words such as ‘Vocab Tunes Root Words 3-5 CD’ significantly aid in enriching your kids vocabulary. Vocab Tunes Root Words 3-5 Grade english Vocabulary

  • logical understanding of one hundred thousand words in 21 days
  • workbook containing strategically segregated chapters for step-by-step learning
  • CD pertaining to the workbook with exclusive lyrics for the root word-based song
  • designed program that easily lets your kid pace up or down the learning depending on their needs

Your kids can apply the gained vocabulary skills to any unfamiliar word they will meet thus breaking all the communicating barriers that were previously the stumbling blocks for them. Many parents have found this distinctive program an excellent tool for their kids. Learn more and become a part of their excitement here.

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