Etymology: How Root Words can boost your English Vocabulary

Interpreting and comprehending different words in the English vocabulary are prime qualities of a good reader. However, for the little minds of your children to possess these assets seem quite difficult. For, they may not have learnt all of them. Still, why take the joy of reading away from them?

A child’s memory power being any day better, it becomes easy for them to remember the word patterns and create different words from one single root. In addition, most of the words in English language have their origin from Latin and Greek roots and just by adding prefixes or suffixes in front or at the end of the root(s) word families can easily be understood. Hence, a sound knowledge of root words becomes as significant as any other practice.Etymology How Root Words can boost your English Vocabulary

Indeed, it is time now you introduce your kids to Vocab Tunes’ 6 to 8th Grade Workbook w/CD. Containing a CD/DVD that has different music videos, this thoroughly researched program presents a fun and lively way of learning difficult words with the help of Latin and Greek root words.

For example, the Latin roots ‘voc’ or ‘vok’, meaning “call”, are the basis of many English words like revoke, invoke, vocal, vocabulary and so on. Similarly, if you look at the words animal or animated, they too have Latin origin ‘anim’—meaning “spirit” or “mind”.

Based on extensive research done by the author, this exclusive workbook for school children of 6 to 8th grade will help them understand over 60% of English words, 71% of social studies terminology and 90% of scientific terminology. Different songs in the CD and DVD on root words provide a set pattern within the minds of young brains, thereby creating a mapped path in their mind related to that particular word or root. Moreover, listening to these select, educative songs will make them familiar to the pronunciations, beat, and tone of English language. The more your child listens and memorizes the featured songs, the more he will be able to recognize word patterns and later bring them to practice for reading and figuring out new words.

Both parents and teachers can use this workbook as a part of vocabulary development strategies. So what are you waiting for? Make Vocab Tunes’ 6 to 8th Grade Workbook w/CD your child’s new friend and help them learn different words in a fun and energetic way.

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