Get ‘HOLD’ of a Perfect ‘TEN’

Have you ever wondered that understanding the Latin roots and searching for new English words can be great fun? Learning only the root-words will surely help your kids build familiarity with thousands of words. So tapping our feet to the tunes of ‘Move Along’, let’s see how we can ‘hold’ the root ‘ten’ in our memories.

Learn English Vocabulary From Root Word

A root or a root-word is a basic word with no prefix or suffix added to it. The Latin root word ‘ten’ means ‘hold’. An easiest way to remember this root is through the word ‘tenant’, which means the ‘holder’ of the lease. The root words ‘tend’, ‘tens’, and ‘tent’ also come from the Latin, meaning ‘stretch and strain’.

Let’s go through the following examples to understand some of the English words based on these roots:

1. Tenet: a belief or opinion that is ‘held’
2. Intend: to plan; aim to do
3. Tension: Strain; nervousness
4. Content: A state of satisfaction
5. Pretend: Behave so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not
6. Détente: relaxation of strained relations
7. Intensity: Quality of strain
8. Distend: Stretch out
9. Detention: The holding back
10. Tender: showing gentleness and kindness

Holding’ the root ‘ten’ in mind with our song will make the kids learn to search for and identify meanings of words in a manner they will cherish forever. The ten words we discussed can help you remember that the root word ‘ten’ means ‘hold’. You can learn more about root words in tune with our exclusive songs here.

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