How Did The Word Triscuit Get It’s Meaning?

the meaning of the word triscuit and biscuit

Parts Of Words Are Fun To Learn

Triscuit is made from 2 words

We don’t know all of the ingredients of a triscuit, but can tell you what the two small words mean that make up the entire word triscuit.

There are two word parts in the word triscuit, just like the word biscuit.  Lets break the word down.

a. bis – means two

b. tris – means three

c. cuit – means to cook or to bake

Put The Words Back Together

Step one – all of the ingredients to make a biscuit are gathered and mixed together and placed on a cooking surface like a cookie sheet or a cupcake pan.

Step two – The ingredients get cooked. Now we have a warm, soft biscuit ready to eat with butter or jelly.

Step three – Cook or bake the biscuit again. Now we have a crunchy triscuit.

Now You Know

If we bake a biscuit again after we cooked it, it can be called a triscuit.

Triscuit and biscuit are  easy words to understand if you know the meaning of the smaller words that make up the whole word.  By understanding the smaller word parts we can figure  out the meaning of almost any English word.  Learn more about how our program was created and why, right here.