Key to Win a Dance Contest: Choose the Right Style to Charm Your Audience

Dancing is always fun, and what can be more exciting if you can dance, enjoy, and win prizes for your performance — all at the same time? The mantra to win is always simple — to receive more and more accolades from the audience, charm them, and outshine others. For this, all you need is the perfect dance style to keep the audience engaged and moving along with you.

A simple tip: choose the dance style that goes in tune with your look and the mood. Well, you also need to choose the dance style that perfectly matches with the Vocab Tunes songs you choose.

Key to Win a Dance Contest

Here are some of the most popular dance styles, which you can consider while choosing the most suitable style for your performance:

Jazz: This less formal style is one of the favorites of children because of the variety of fun, upbeat music, and flexibility in the Jazz movements.

Tap: It is a high-energy form of dance that requires kids to “tap” their feet in a timely manner.

Hip Hop: This style of dance is modern, energetic, flexible, and rhythmic.

Irish: In this style, all of the movements are performed from the hips down with fancy footwork combined with a straight upper body.

Salsa: Salsa is like free fall. You are not constrained by too many parameters and absolutely free to improvise on the basic steps. But one key rule of Salsa is that it needs to be a group performance.

Apart from these, you can go for any street dance or a modern style where you can try developing your own style of dance. So go ahead, move in style, and charm your audience to make them pray for you to win.

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