Let your children add another feather in their “Cap”

If you dream about your children doing something big, and want them grow up as a great orator or a crowd-puller, you are at the right place. You are at the right platform if you want your little ones to enhance their English vocabulary.

Vocab Tunes, with its differentiated learning programs, helps you become word-conscious. Kids get to know new words, especially their origins, so that they learn how to use them easily. They just need to listen to our songs, have fun, and they will be able to identify root words and improve their English vocabulary.Let your children add another feather in their “Cap”

Now, let the kids enjoy our song ‘Take Time To Learn’ and learn how to create new words from root words. They will get to know that:

• The root-words “CAP, CEP and CEPT” mean “take and receive”
• “CAP, CEP and CEPT” come from the Latin words capere, cepi, and ceptus
• The root word “Cap” can also mean “head

Example sentence:

Young, smart Captains may capture your heart and make you captive as their life-partner.

Here are some more instances, where kids can get to learn some English words based on the above mentioned roots:

1. Capable: Able to receive knowledge
2. Captive: One who has been seized and enslaved
3. Captain: Person in command of a ship or a spacecraft
4. Capture: To take possession of
5. Deception: Taking by fraud, the act of hiding the truth
6. Accept: Consent or agree to receive
7. Biceps: A muscle having two heads or origins
8. Forceps: An instrument used in surgery for grabbing and taking out various things within the body

Now make people spell-bound with your kids’ vocabulary skills. Listen to other Vocab Tunes’ songs to figure out the meaning of other root words here.

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