Words Parts and Automobiles

the word parts of the word automobile

Word parts and Words

Words are the sum of their parts

Is every automobile a car? No, but every car is an automobile. Wait a minuet. How is that true? If we look at the meaning of the words that make up the word automobile, we can figure it out.

Lets break this word down to the basics.

  1. auto – means self
  2. mob – means moving
  3. ile – means capable of

Capable of – moving – self – Most of us think of a car when we hear the word automobile, but really, we could call a bus, a plane or a train an automobile.

What about the space shuttle or a submarine? Yes, technically they are also automobiles.  Now you know 🙂

Other words that start with Auto

Because we know that auto means self, we can figure out other words that start with auto. Like autograph. All we need to do now is learn what graph means and we will not only know autograph but we will know a lot of words that have graph in them.

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