ProDUCE a ‘Duke’ or ‘Duchess’ of Word Roots

Convincing a child to learn root words is not a cup of tea. As parents, you have to look for fun and interesting ideas to encourage them to learn. To help you overcome this challenge, Vocab Tunes — an online learning platform — has come up with a unique vocabulary-building program. This differential learning program will help you educate your little ones through music and dance.

You can also witness a tremendous growth in your tots’ English vocabulary by making them listen to its 21 root-based songs.ProDUCE a ‘Duke’ or ‘Duchess’ of Word Roots

One of its songs ‘Show The Way’ is perfect to introduce the budding brains to Latin rootsDuce’, ‘Duc’, and ‘Duct’. The song can help them become more productive in discovering the meanings of words formed with these roots.

Highly useful in the English language, these roots mean ‘to lead’. Knowing the meaning of roots will surely help children to develop their tenacity to find out creative words related to it. Read more

Inscribe Your Child’s Mind with Roots ‘Script’ and ‘Scribe’

It is a known fact that a child’s mind, more often than not, grasps bits and pieces of any information rather than the whole thing at a time. Therefore, be it a teacher or parents, making kids learn to read and understand different words can be a great challenge. This is where Vocab Tunes comes to your rescue.

This online reading program is the perfect prescription for enhancing your child’s English vocab words learning capabilities. Based on root words, it is one of the best approaches to improve vocabulary and inscribe different words in young minds. Also consisting of root word songs, the program will help to script the way your kid remembers different words and spellings.Inscribe Your Child’s Mind with Root Word ‘Script’ and ‘Scribe’

One of its kind, this kids reading program borders on the concept that most of the English words have been taken from Latin or Greek roots. Therefore, if you are a scribe then you are writing copies while your copies are known as transcripts and you are making transcribes. Similarly, scripture is a holy or sacred writing and manuscript is originally a document written by hand. Read more

Etymology: How Root Words can boost your English Vocabulary

Interpreting and comprehending different words in the English vocabulary are prime qualities of a good reader. However, for the little minds of your children to possess these assets seem quite difficult. For, they may not have learnt all of them. Still, why take the joy of reading away from them?

A child’s memory power being any day better, it becomes easy for them to remember the word patterns and create different words from one single root. In addition, most of the words in English language have their origin from Latin and Greek roots and just by adding prefixes or suffixes in front or at the end of the root(s) word families can easily be understood. Hence, a sound knowledge of root words becomes as significant as any other practice.Etymology How Root Words can boost your English Vocabulary

Indeed, it is time now you introduce your kids to Vocab Tunes’ 6 to 8th Grade Workbook w/CD. Containing a CD/DVD that has different music videos, this thoroughly researched program presents a fun and lively way of learning difficult words with the help of Latin and Greek root words. Read more

Enhance Your Kids’ Vocabulary With 3 to 5th Grade Workbook w/CD

One of the prime concerns of every parent lies in inculcating an adequate learning ability in their little ones. To help you deal with this challenge of building your kids’ word bank, Vocab Tunes, an online learning platform, has come up with an exclusive product for 3-5 grade kids. It consists of a workbook of 10 chapters with corresponding music CDs and a DVD containing 21 fun music videos to make your children fall in love with learning thousands of English words.3-5 Grade Kids Vocabulary Building Workbook w/CD

For every chapter, the workbook comprises a chapter introduction that defines the root word or words to be discussed in the corresponding chapter. With an example or two, it provides an insight on the usage of that root for creating different words. Next, are the lyrics for the song containing Latin roots with prefixes/suffixes to help your child discover new words. The next two pages consist of two different quizzes. One is on word definitions, and the other is on word parts. Read more

Learning Root Words — Key to Enhancing Your Kids’ Vocabulary

Dictionary’, ‘tractor ‘and ‘captain’ — can you trace the origin of these three words? To your surprise, all these three words have come from the Latin language. While Latin root ‘DICT’ and its variant ‘DIC’, which means ‘say’ or ‘declare’ makes the word ‘DICtionary’, root word ‘CAP’ meaning take and receive forms the word ‘CAPtain’. Latin root trahere or ‘TRACT’, which means ‘pull’ or ‘drag’, makes the word ‘tractor’.Learning Root Words — Key to Enhancing Your Kids’ Vocabulary

Many of you would be unaware of the fact that over 60 percent of the words in the English language have been borrowed from the Greek and Latin language. If we study the root words thoroughly, we will discover that most of the commonly used medical and scientific terms (up to 90 percent) and social studies words (71 percent) have actually been derived from Latin and Greek roots. Therefore, it is important for kids to have a deep understanding of the root words in order to enrich their vocabulary and to excel in the English language. Read more