Transmit Roots ‘Mis’ and ‘Mit’ to Your Brain

Are you on a mission of enhancing your vocabulary? If yes, then this is the place for you. Vocab Tunes, a differential vocabulary-learning program, will help you expand your limited stock of words thereby improving your English Language.

The program, with its 21 educative music tracks, aims to make vocabulary easy to understand and learn. The songs, based on different root words, prefixes, and suffixes, will let you learn English while singing and dancing.Transmit Roots ‘Mis’ and ‘Mit’ to Your Brain

Let us listen to one of its song ‘Send It Along’ and see how Latin roots Mit and Mis have enriched the English language. These roots have come from Latin mittere and missus, which mean ‘to send’.

To understand it better, here are some examples.

A mission is a journey that someone has been ‘sent’ on to perform a task. However, if you have been dismissed from that endeavor, it means you’ve been ‘sent’ away.

During your class tests, if you omit something it means you have ‘sent’ it away. When you submit your answer sheets, you ‘send’ them for inspection. Your class tests and examinations will determine if you would be admitted or ‘sent to’ a good college or not.

In your favourite comic books or movies, the villain tries his best to ensure the demise of the superhero, that is, to his permanent ‘sending’ away, or ‘death’. However, a superhero never takes a submissive position or ‘sends’ oneself beneath anyone’s command.

Isn’t transmitting these roots to your brain through these examples easy? You can learn more about mis, mit, and various other roots by listening to Vocab Tunes’ exclusive songs here.

Go ahead, learn the concept of root words, and fulfil the promise of enriching your English Vocabulary you made to yourself.

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