Institute Roots STA, STAT, and STIT in Mind to ‘Stand’ out from the Rest

In today’s time, when English has been instituted as a global language, it is important that we are fluent in writing and speaking the language. And, as it is essential in any language, a comprehensive understanding of how words are formed is important to have a sharp command on the English language.

Majority of English vocabulary is actually based on Latin and Greek roots only. New words are created by adding prefixes and suffixes to these existing root words. Knowledge of root words, thus, will help you memorize numerous English words easily and decipher their meanings as well. Institute Roots STA, STAT, and STIT in Mind to ‘Stand’ out from the Rest

Today, let us discuss about a widely used Latin root word ‘Stat’ and its spelling variants ‘Sti’ and ‘Sta’, which mean ‘stand’ or something which is not moving.

The word station means one is ‘standing’ or a place where one ‘stands’. Similarly, when somebody asks you what your status in the society is, it means you are being asked about your social ‘standing’. A statue is a ‘standing’ image or a figure.

A constitution is a document that delineates how a nation will ‘stand’ as to its structure and laws. A nation’s constitution helps to keep the nation and its people from becoming destitute and provides restitution so that the nation or rather every individual can ‘stand’ strong again in case of adversities.

A question about your present state of health means where does your health ‘stand’. If you are feeling ecstatic, it means you are ‘standing’ outside of normal feelings and are very happy. However, if your health is not so good, you might be forced to remain stationary, that is, unable to move.

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