Become SPECtacular in English Language with Root ‘SPEC’

Convincing a child to memorize vocab words is a tiresome task for parents. What if we let them learn English words in a music-rich environment? Research shows that students learn words faster through music and have 90% retention than traditional rote memory study materials.

Vocab Tunes—an online learning platform—presents a musical way of learning different root words while grooving to its 21 select songs. Composed with extensive study and research, these educative songs will definitely prove instrumental in letting your kids understand the pattern of word formation and discover infinite words thereby enhancing their word bank.Become SPECtacular in English Language with Root ‘SPEC’

Let’s tune in to one of the Vocab Tunes’ song ‘Look At These Roots’ to speculate upon thousands of new words based on it. This selected song consists of Latin rootspec’ which means to ‘see’. Before you start forming new words, it is necessary to first introspect the meaning of the root as knowledge of roots assists your little champs in finding out different words easily.

Following are some examples with the root ‘spec’ to help you discover numerous words that you can add to your vocab stock.

It’s the duty of a Police inspector to inspect a crime scene to ‘see’ what actually happened on the crime spot. To uncover the hidden reason behind the crime, the inspector might come up with a suspect, or someone he ‘sees’ with mistrust. If the detective’s perspective, or the way he ‘sees’ things is close to the truth, he will likely solve the crime.

You can also look for some other roots to boost up your vocab and improve English scores in a fun-filled manner here.

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