Improve Your Vocab Graph with root words ‘Graph’ and ‘Gram’

Importance of learning English grammar is something that you cannot ignore if you want to gain expertise in the language. While reading out a paragraph from the text book, your teachers must have asked you to write down the difficult words and search for the meaning latter.

You surely obey your teachers and follow what they said. However, while writing down all the new words and meanings, have you ever thought of paying attention to the origin of the words such as, grammar and paragraph?Improve Your Vocab Graph with root words ‘Graph’ and ‘Gram’

Like numerous other words in English both the words grammar and paragraph have been coined from the ancient Greek vocabulary. Greek words ‘Graphein’, and ‘Gramma’, which mean ‘to write or something written’, are the origin of the words graph and gram. The science that teaches principles of language is referred to as grammar and a distinct section of a piece of writing is called paragraph. Let’s begin this ‘written’ discourse now.

Reading Geography thoroughly will help you to understand the physical character of the Earth. While studying geometry you need to get familiarised with different shapes of diagrams.

You should read some famous biographies and autobiographies before entering into high school. While biography is related to writing about someone’s life, autobiography is actually writing about your own life.

We know that every one of you has different ambitions. When your best buddy is dreaming to become a successful choreographer, you are interested in taking photography as your profession. If you have good handwriting skills, you can earn a handsome amount as a calligrapher also. Graffiti artists are becoming popular across the world for their exceptional talent and artwork.

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