Enhancing Vocabulary Becomes More Easy and Fun

An individual’s proficiency of using the apt word, for an effective communication, is determined by their vocabulary knowledge. It not only helps in understanding others’ viewpoints but also in expressing your own ideas. Be it listening, speaking, reading, or writing—vocabulary holds a great deal of significance in every language skill.

In an interview, Vocab Tunes’ author Manisha Shelley Kaura referred to a recent US Education Department report that showed a continuous erosion in vocabulary skills across the nation.Enhancing English Vocabulary

She further added that her ten years of research on the cause of the failure of early literacy in America revealed that the lack of root word knowledge in K—8 school students is the “missing link”.

Therefore, devising means to improve children’s vocabulary from an early stage is of utmost importance. This is where Vocab Tunes’ Educational Program comes to rescue. Its unique concept and creative teaching style helps kids to understand the internal structure of words and discover connections with the corresponding root word families. This, in turn, makes them curious to learn more about the words and subsequently enriches their vocabulary.

Innovative teaching techniques help in piquing a kid’s interest toward learning and hence, mixing music and dance as additional means of learning is one of the widely accepted approaches to supplement boring workbooks. The select songs of Vocab Tunes infuse excitement in the children while they sing and dance with the root word lyrics.

In order to spread awareness about the need to improve vocabulary, Vocab Tunes is also organizing a dance contest for K—8 school kids.

Building vocabulary is a continuous process and an early investment in your child’s word bank will certainly reap rich dividends for them in the future.

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