How to Glitter and Dance in the Right Costume

Dance costume along with coordination and step composition of the dance is important, especially when you perform in a contest. As you are participating in the Vocab Tunes dance contest by uploading videos of your recorded performances, the dance outfits that you select are crucial to make your performance distinct from others.

Glitter and Dance in the Right Costume

Dressing-up in style

Once you have decided the style of dance that you are going to present, the outfits can be decided easily — as the dance style always determines the way of presentation. If you are going for a contemporary style, boys can wear Capri pants and sleeveless tops, while girls can wear angled skirts and halter tops. For jazz–tap performances, you can consider jumpsuits and unitards. Little girls will look beautiful in Tutus and Thumbelina dresses when they present a ballet. Go for beautiful beaded headbands, feather fascinators, mini hats, wristlets, and coloured wigs. Hip-hop dancers can opt for some pastry shoes as well.

Dos and Don’ts for parents

Parents, here are a few things you can check while dressing up your kid for the Vocab Tunes dance contest:

• While selecting costumes for your children, give special attention to the kids’ comfort so that they can perform without any irritation caused by the costume edges or other accessories.

• Select the costume materials carefully to ensure that the kids do not feel heavy after getting dressed-up.

• All the outfits must be tried and properly corrected so that kids find them comfortable, hassle free, and convenient to wear.

The costume colors should be balanced to make the children look bright when the performance is recorded. With the right choice of outfits, your group will look stunning in the video and will also get extra mileage in the Vocab Tunes dance contest.

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