Inscribe Your Child’s Mind with Roots ‘Script’ and ‘Scribe’

It is a known fact that a child’s mind, more often than not, grasps bits and pieces of any information rather than the whole thing at a time. Therefore, be it a teacher or parents, making kids learn to read and understand different words can be a great challenge. This is where Vocab Tunes comes to your rescue.

This online reading program is the perfect prescription for enhancing your child’s English vocab words learning capabilities. Based on root words, it is one of the best approaches to improve vocabulary and inscribe different words in young minds. Also consisting of root word songs, the program will help to script the way your kid remembers different words and spellings.Inscribe Your Child’s Mind with Root Word ‘Script’ and ‘Scribe’

One of its kind, this kids reading program borders on the concept that most of the English words have been taken from Latin or Greek roots. Therefore, if you are a scribe then you are writing copies while your copies are known as transcripts and you are making transcribes. Similarly, scripture is a holy or sacred writing and manuscript is originally a document written by hand.

So, you see when you know root words such as script and scribe, it is easy to postscript different words along with remember their spellings.

Now, the difficult task is imparting this knowledge and this is where Vocab Tunes’ unique way of learning comprehension is the way out. Your child can have fun while dancing and learning different root words that have been used in songs, audio as well as video.

The song “Write all about it” teaches words such as subscribe and manuscript from Latin roots scribe and script. This song can also be used for conducting different fun vocabulary activities at schools. Apart from this, it can also be used for making dyslexic students learn vocabulary words fast. The result is indescribable as these types of students can easily relate to the root words rather than the original one and form others in no time, thereby enhancing their vocabulary.

Give your children a chance to learn English in a fun and musical way with Vocab Tunes’ upbeat root word songs and let them dance through the ‘Jungle of English Vocabulary’.

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