Just Say it Like ‘Dictator’

How many times do you look up that big book called ‘Dictionary’ to find out the meaning of any new word? Your class teacher must have asked you on numerous occasions to refer this book while ‘Indicating’ spelling mistakes in your test paper. Whether at classroom or at home, dictionary is indeed instrumental when it comes to implementing vocabulary building strategies for the budding brains.

The term ‘dictionary’ is derived from Latin roots ‘dict’ and its variant ‘dic’, which means ‘say’ or ‘declare’. Let us learn some more English words based on these roots.Just Say it Like ‘Dictator’

One of the easiest ways to remember the root ‘dict’ is the word ‘predict’ which means ‘saying’ before something actually happens. A palmist or a fortune-teller is someone who can ‘predict’ your future or events before they happen.

Who haven’t heard about the German ‘Dictator’ Adolf Hitler and the ‘Predicament’ he created for his oppositions? A dictator is ‘sayer’ of rules whereas ‘predicament’ refers to the result when one ‘speaks’ too quickly, or before one should.

On the graduation day at your school, have you ever noticed a ‘valedictorian’ delivering the farewell speech? If yes, he may have ‘dictated’ the speech to a friend who penned it down for him. The speech itself was probably ‘dedicated’ or ‘said’ for his classmates.

One of the best ways to improve English vocabulary is enhancing knowledge about root words. Other than the monotonous classroom lectures, root words can also be learnt through various fun activities such as singing and dancing. Stay tuned to Vocab Tunes’ songs and learn some new words with the roots ‘dic’, ‘dict’, and more here.

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