Know Greek Roots ‘Log’ and ‘Logy’ to Improve Your ‘Etymology’

Ever seen someone participating in a school play and forgetting their ‘dialogues’ or someone who loves the concepts of ‘biology’ and aims to become a ‘Zoologist’ in future.

But leaving this aside, have you ever thought from where these words ‘dialogues’, ‘biology’, or ‘Zoology’ came? You will be surprised to know that all these words have same Greek root word ‘Log’, means ‘word’ and its variant suffix-‘logy’, which means ‘study’ (of) actually have formed words such as ‘dialogue’, ‘biology’, and ‘zoology’.Know Greek Roots ‘Log’ and ‘Logy’ to Improve Your ‘Etymology’

While dialogue consists of the ‘words’ spoken between two people, biology is the study of life and one of its prominent sections zoology refers to the ‘study of animals’ life’. So, let’s take a fun ride into the world of words coined from the same Greek root.

In a library, people must have gone through a ‘catalogue’ numerous times to find the book they want. A catalogue is the formal name of any complete list of items. To read Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’, one needs to read the ‘General Prologue’ first. Prologues are those words that are spoken before the main poem starts.

Similarly, ‘Logic’ or its variant ‘Logical’ is a statement, thought, or action that is reasonable. Therefore, when parents ask for ‘logical’ explanation, they want to know reasonability behind the actions taken. When the action is considered wrong then asking for an ‘apology’, meaning words asking to be excused for an action, would lighter your burden

Now that when you have a thorough understanding of ‘log’ or ‘logy’ and words originating from these roots, ‘log’ onto Vocab Tunes’ ‘Write On’ song to enrich your vocabulary.

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