Ways to Make Your Child Fall in Love with Reading

Some kids are big-time book lovers, and some simply hate reading. At times, it takes a lot of effort to make those reluctant readers get mesmerized by the magical world of books. However, by following some easy steps, you can encourage your little ones to read.

Make Your Child Fall in Love with Reading

Here are some ways to get your child excited about reading:

Allow kids to pick the book

All kids have their own areas of interest. So, allow them to choose the books they want to read. You can decide on the theme, but let them do the picking.

Look for a series

From The Boxcar Children to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Harry Potter to The Chronicles of Narnia — find a series that grabs your child’s attention. They would be tempted to read the entire series to unravel the fates of their favourite character.

Books and Movie combos

For film-loving kids, you may plan a special movie outing where they’ll get to watch the adaptation of a book they have read. Watch the film together and explain the differences between the book and movie.

Rewards for reading

If rewards motivate your little ones to do something, so let it be. Set reading goals for them and give them incentives for their accomplishments.

Make comfy reading spot

A special area with ample reading light and a comfortable seating arrangement can be very soothing for reading. You can either design the area as per the theme of the book or create a kind of atmosphere that your kid enjoys.

Music, Dance and Skits

Music, dance and short plays are great ways to inculcate reading habits among children. Making your little ones tap feet on songs that rhyme and teach allow them to learn and have fun simultaneously. You can also opt for programs like Vocab Tunes to make your kids go gaga over reading and learning.

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