‘Move’ Along with Root ‘Mov’

Authors use their knowledge of root words, prefixes, suffixes, and ancient languages to create meaningful fictitious words. An understanding of word parts is important to decipher the exact meaning of those words.

Remember the ‘Locomotor!’ spell from the Harry Potter series, one of the world’s most popular series of fantasy novels. Do you know why was the curse named so?‘Move’ Along with Root ‘Mov’

The word is formed by using two Latin roots: loco (to place) and mot (to move). Therefore, the charm enabled a witch or wizard to lift the target a few inches off the ground, move it in any given direction, and place it.

Today, we will discuss about root word ‘mot’ and its spelling variant ‘mov’.

We all love to move, and to move fast. Automotives, or Motor vehicles, were built with such “movement” that allow their drivers to “move” wherever there is a road. A motel is roadside hotel designed primarily for motorists.

Let us move on and look at a few more words that also come from these Latin roots. Most people who work are motivated, or moved, to make money. Employees get emotional, or strongly moved, when it comes to either a promotion or demotion.

A movie is a motion picture that is a series of pictures projected on a screen in rapid succession. When a scene is not required in a movie, the director removes it, meaning the scene is moved away from the film. Movable is something that is capable of being moved, while immovable is something, which is not able to move.

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