ProDUCE a ‘Duke’ or ‘Duchess’ of Word Roots

Convincing a child to learn root words is not a cup of tea. As parents, you have to look for fun and interesting ideas to encourage them to learn. To help you overcome this challenge, Vocab Tunes — an online learning platform — has come up with a unique vocabulary-building program. This differential learning program will help you educate your little ones through music and dance.

You can also witness a tremendous growth in your tots’ English vocabulary by making them listen to its 21 root-based songs.ProDUCE a ‘Duke’ or ‘Duchess’ of Word Roots

One of its songs ‘Show The Way’ is perfect to introduce the budding brains to Latin rootsDuce’, ‘Duc’, and ‘Duct’. The song can help them become more productive in discovering the meanings of words formed with these roots.

Highly useful in the English language, these roots mean ‘to lead’. Knowing the meaning of roots will surely help children to develop their tenacity to find out creative words related to it.

For instance, when a criminal abducts someone, he ‘leads’ her away. This, of course, is not a way he should ‘lead’ or behave himself in public. It is simply a bad conduct on his part.

When you spend money, it is deducted from your account, or ‘led’ away from it. When the balance changes in this negative fashion, it is reduced or ‘led’ backwards towards zero.

Here, you can understand how a single root gives birth to thousands of new words just by adding prefixes and suffixes. By understanding these and several other roots, your child will have the ability to recognize over 60% of English words, up to 90% of science terminology, and 71% of social studies terminology.

Parents, being children’s first mentor, need to induce them to learn roots to expand their word stock and improve their English language. Stay tune to other Vocab Tunes’ songs to make your kid ‘Duke’ or ‘Duchess’ of the word families.