Pull your weight for the root ‘Tract’

Aren’t we all familiar with that plastic semicircle called ‘Protractor’ while we study geometry or that very powerful vehicle for farming called ‘Tractor’? Have you ever wondered where from these commonly used terms come?

best ways to improve English vocabulary from root words

You will be amazed to know that both the words have their root back to the Latin verb trahere or ‘tract’, which means pull or drag. Infact, majority of our English words have actually been borrowed from Latin. Therefore, learning these root words becomes one of the best ways to improve English vocabulary.

Continuing with the root word “tract”—meaning pull or drag—has your tooth been forcibly extracted, or “pulled” out by a dentist? Your parents must have found you to be intractable or unable to be “dragged” to the dentist. On the contrary, they might have wished you would have been more tractable or able to be “pulled” more easily.

What can be more exciting than attracting young kids to build their English vocabulary while learning dance steps at the same time? Let’s shake our legs to the tune of Vocab Tunes’ ‘Pull your weight’ song and gain some traction by learning that root word tract means “drag” or “pull”.

To know more about root words, listen to the Vocab Tunes tracks here.

Shake a leg and let’s get going!
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