‘Simple’ Way to Deal with a ‘Complex’ Problem

Hey kids, how many of you are movie buffs and visit multiplex theatres frequently to watch your favorite star? We know almost you love spending weekends watching movies and discussing the complicated plot with friends latter.

However amid all of your discussions and debates, have you ever paid attention to the words, ‘multiplex’, or ‘complicated or tried knowing their origin?Simple Way to Deal with a Complex Problem

You will be amazed to know that both the words have come from Latin vocabulary. The word ‘plex’, which means ‘weave’ has originally been coined from the Latin wordplus’, and has formed the word multiplex. A multiplex is where separate move screens are housed under one roof or rather ‘woven’ together to create one theatre.

Similarly, the English stem plic has come from the Latin root word, ‘plico’, meaning ‘fold.’ Thereby, a complicated story plot actually means a thoroughly ‘folded’ story line.

Something complex can be hard to understand because there are so many things to be deciphered. Remember that complex math problem you are unable to solve as it has many aspects to consider. Other than math, English language has its own compound-complex sentence, which has at least two independent clauses with one dependent clause.

An inquisitive student must have knowledge that googolplex is considered the biggest named number of mathematics. Named by mathematician Edward Kasner’s nine-year-old nephew, Milton Sirotta, googolplex is a googol (one followed by one-hundred zeroes) ‘woven’ into a googol. Your teacher can make you aware of the theory’s explicit facts in detail.

Job applicants should fill the application form if they wish to get selected for the vacant post. While appearing for the interview they should remember that simplicity is the key to success.

Now, when we have drawn your attention towards the world of root words, and you are curious to know more, you can tune on to Vocab Tunes’ ‘Words that mean to fold’ song. This online learning platform is a one-stop place for young learners, who wish to expand their word bank.

Happy learning kids…