A ‘tin’ full of childhood memories: Grab ‘hold’ of English Vocabulary

Maintain silence in class is what your teacher tells you in school. Do you really follow the instruction and keep quiet or continue the conversation with your pals? We know it is not easy to keep mum and listen to the boring classroom lectures thoroughly. Often you need entertainment to charge up your mind. A ‘tin’ full of childhood memories Grab ‘hold’ of English Vocabulary

Do you know that the words maintain, continue, and entertainment have been derived from the same Latin roots ‘Tin’ and ‘Tain’, which mean ‘to hold’? ‘Maintain’ means ‘to hold’ in good condition, while ‘continue’ is an action ‘held’ together without a break. ‘Entertainment’ is an action ‘to hold’ back people’s interest.

Like hundreds of other Latin root words, ‘Tin’ and its variant ‘Tain’ play a significant role in enriching the English language. To your surprise, these are actually spelling variants of the root word ‘Ten’ that also has the same meaning. Let’s discuss some words with these variants and help you expand your word stock.

When you get a good book, you then ‘hold’ it to read for it contains some brilliant content or interesting facts. With a certain amount of space, a container is meant to ‘hold’ items. The Continental United States refers to the 49 states located on the continent of North America and the District of Columbia. Continent is actually a large mass of land ‘held’ together.

Now, when you have gained a good knowledge about the words with ‘Tin’ and ‘Tain’, they should have a ‘hold’ on you. Do not abstain or ‘hold’ yourself back from using these newly learned words. To know more such words and improve your vocabulary, read Vocab Tunes blog here.