Vocabulary ‘Made’ Easy

Deciphering the meaning of words with the knowledge of roots makes learning an easy and enjoyable experience. A good knowledge of these roots helps in deriving the meanings of hundreds of words based on them thereby enhancing your English vocabulary.

Many words in the English language are ‘made’ with the help of root words ‘fac’, ‘fic’, and ‘fact’. But do you know the fun part? These root words also mean “to make” or “to do” something. The source of these roots is facere and its form factus, which fundamentally are Latin in their origin.

Let us understand how words are ‘made’ with some of the most significant roots in the English language through some examples.Enhancing English Vocabulary With Root Words

A factory is a place where something is ‘made.’ Manufacture means to ‘make’ something on a large scale using machinery.

An artifact is something ‘made’ by human skill, typically one of cultural or historical interest. Something artificial is ‘made’ by the skill or art of humans, rather than occurring naturally.

A difficult task is hard to do, or you can say it’s hard to ‘make’ it happen. However if you are efficient, you can ‘make’ things happen quickly and easily.

Someone who ‘does’ evil to another is malefactor. A benefactor is someone who ‘does’ good things for others.

Do you know an amazing fact? The Pacific Ocean was so named by Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan as the water body was ‘making’ peace, that is, the weather was calm at the time he entered the ocean.

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