Ways to Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary Skills

We all appreciate a child who is expressive, confident, and has higher levels of achievements. And it is true that we all want our kids to succeed in school and beyond.

Strong language and communication skills are important to make your little ones accomplish things that matter to them the most. As kids learn a lot during everyday interaction with their parents, it becomes important for parents to help them improve their vocabulary skills.Ways to Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary Skills

Here are some fun activities for you that you can count on when it comes to child’s language development:


Through storytelling, kids can build familiarity with thousands of new words. Either you can read to them out of a book or you can make up stories together.

‘Word of the week’

Choose a new word each week for your child to learn. Write it up on the refrigerator or at places where it is easily visible to your kid. Also, try to use it in regular conversation with your child.

Labeling exercise

Write the words for common items found around the house on jotters. Read each word aloud and ask your kid to place it on top of the correct item.

Role-playing game

Dress up and play different roles like that of a teacher or a fireman, and use as many related words as possible. For instance, if you pretend to be a bus driver, you can include words like bus, driver, ticket collector, horn, bell, aisle, steering, etc.

Songs and Poems

Songs and poems tend to be repetitive and have a strong rhythm and hence kids learn them real fast. You can choose a song or a poem and make your child sing it aloud or dance to its tune.

You can also opt for Vocab Tunes’ differential learning program that uses singing and dancing as a method to help kids build their vocabulary like never before.

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