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Hey kids, you all must have learned basic grammar rules in school already, but how many of you have heard about the word called, ‘prefix’? Hope many of you are familiar with the word but how many of you know appropriate usage of it? Not many we guess. Why not then begin learning some basic usage of prefixes in English language here? Add prefix to your wordbook to master the English language

The word prefix is itself made up with two different words, ‘pre’, which means ‘before’ and ‘fix’, means to ‘attach’. Both of these words have originally coined from Latin vocabulary. Prefix is a letter or a group of letters that are added to the beginning of a word in order to change the meaning, such as, ‘unhappy’, ‘illegal’, and many more. Read more

Explore PREfixes to Become an EXpert in English Language

In English grammar and morphology a prefix is a letter or set of letters that are added to the beginning of a root word in order to create a new word with a diverse meaning. For example, when the prefix ‘dis’ is added to the word appear, it gives birth to a brand new word ‘disappear’.

Interestingly enough, the word prefix itself contains the prefix “pre-” which means ‘before’ and the root word ‘fix’ which means ‘to place’, thus the word itself means “to place before.” Prefixes are bound morphemes, which mean they can’t stand alone. Generally, if a cluster of letters is a prefix, it can’t also be a word. However, the process of placing a prefix to a word, or prefixation, is a common tactic of forming new words in English Language.

Prefixes can be either derivational, creating a new word with a new semantic meaning, or inflectional, creating a new form of the word with the same basic meaning. Particularly in the study of languages, prefix is also called as preformative, because it alters the form of the word parts to which it is affixed.

Take a look at the list of common prefixes given below.

Explore PREfixes to Become an EXpert in English Language

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